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Learn how to prevent injuries, rehab injuries, and climb to your highest potential with the help of workshops from Andrew Merget.


The Edge has partnered with Take Control Physical Therapy to bring the community information on how to climb their strongest and stay healthy. Andrew Merget will go into detail on what actually causes injuries and some of the best ways to bounce back from them.

Andrew Merget


Physical Therapist/ Owner Take Control Physical Therapy Centers in Jacksonville specializes in climbers rehabilitation from a proven track record treating on the Black Diamond Pro Team, professional athletes including those sponsored by Patagonia and up to the Olympic level. Andrew is a board-certified orthopedic specialist and relocated from SLC, Utah in 2020 after 15 months working with the prestigious Grassroots Physical Therapy treating a wide range and levels of climbers and athletes.

Andrew’s focus is on understanding injuries for climbers over general advice, and as a result, provides workshops and treatment for The Edge community on the principle of accurate assessment to self treat problems by treating the source so you are injury-free not “working through it”. Take Control Physical Therapy’s focus is on decreasing the likelihood of repeating the same injury over and over again since many injuries can be episodic for climbers. Climber treatment plans and workshops offered focus on prevention of injury, with education and stretch to promote the right environment for recovery, so our climbers can not only climb harder but for longer.

Staying off the Couch and on the Climb

  • Injury prevention workshop on stages of healing
  • The best shoulder warm-up
  • A sneaky source of pain/injuries for climbers you may not know
  • And much, much more

Everything you ever wanted to know about pulley injuries and treatment

  • Learn about pulley injury grading and treatment
  • When to seek out help
  • Pulley rings vs. H-taping
  • The research behind rehab for you
  • And much, much more

It’s all in the Hips

  • Most common hip injuries in climbers and how to avoid them
  • Is it in your back or your hips?
  • Core exercises that prevent hip pain for climbers
  • And much, much more!

Upper Body for Climbers

  • Hangboard training
  • Shoulder workouts to prevent injury
  • Serratus Anterior- What is it?
  • How can you get your shoulder blades loading
  • And much, much more!


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It’s all in the hips.
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It’s all in the hips.
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