About The Edge Rock Gym | Jacksonville

We love climbing. We love climbing so much, that we want others to love it as much as we do.


Who we are


In 1997 “Peak Performers” opened it’s doors at our location on Phillips and Emerson. After being open for years and establishing a close knit community, Peak Performers had to close it’s doors for undisclosed reasons. The site was sold to the YMCA, and became the “YMCA South Metro.”
Under the YMCA, the gym expanded into the suite next door, with showers and lockers added as well as Cardio and Weight equipment. The facility changed focus from being exclusively climbing, to encompass both climbing and general fitness.


In 2010, the YMCA sought to close the facility and sell the site, citing low numbers and falling memberships. “South Metro” no longer was a feasible site for their business. The community however, had other plans and the call went out statewide to other climbing gyms to help keep our community alive.
“On The Edge Rock Gym” heard the call and picked up the banner. We were able to preserve our gym, which at the time was the only place to climb in Jacksonville, FL. 2010 proved to be a big year as our facility reopened under the name The Edge Rock Gym.

2010 +

Since 2010, we’ve been continuously adding and improving the site. Since reopening, we’ve added new Auto-belay walls, Bouldering walls, brand new padding, and revitalized the aging equipment on the fitness side of our facility as well as much more!
With fresh management and faces at the gym, new ideas are being explored to continuously expand and improve the gym. You can help by joining our community in our shared love for climbing, and getting psyched in our little corner of the world! Thanks for your time, and see you at The Edge!

“We love climbing. We love climbing so much, that we want others to love it as much as we do.”

Our Philosophy

We’re a community-based gym that focuses on our members and youth competitive team first and foremost. We think climbing is a beautiful, freeing lifestyle sport that benefits the body as well as enriches the mind and strengthens the spirit. Climbing has a social aspect that we especially crave, and love how it brings folks together. Unlike a lot of other sports, climbers of all levels and walks of life are constantly seen at the crag encouraging, laughing, and loving together. We’re here for each other, and all we want- even when competing with others, is for everyone to succeed in unison. We’re here for our members, and our community- because they love climbing as much as we do.
That being said, we’re not here for your novel entertainment. When we say we love climbing, we mean it. We hate the idea of climbing gyms as amusement parks. We’re here to climb, and get others to climb. We’re here to share our experiences with you, but not on our terms, not on your terms- but on Climbing’s terms.

Signed Waiver Required

A Signed Waiver is Required For Everyone to Enter The Climbing Area. Parent / Guardian Must sign for Kids who are Under 18 and send a Photocopy of Drivers License if not accompanying their child.

Give the gift of climbing

Gift Cards are redeemable for passes and memberships, rental equipment, classes and programs, or retail purchases.