Black Diamond ATC-Pilot Belay Device


Rest assured that Black Diamond’s ATC-Pilot Belay Device will help you catch whipping lead climbers like any other assisted braking device. Unlike most assisted braking belay devices, the ATC-Pilot doesn’t use any moving components to ensure a secure brake; instead, the device’s unique geometry makes the rope pinch itself whenever the rope tugs too hard on the climber side, ensuring a naturally reliable catch every time. This is Black Diamond’s first attempt at making an assisted braking device with increased security and safety, and climbers can’t help but admire its compact, lightweight, sleek design that could only come for Black Diamond.

  • Assisted-braking belay device for single-pitch climbs
  • Accommodates rope widths from 8.7-10.5mm
  • Durable steel surface pinches rope during falls
  • Ergonomic thumb catch eases lowering
  • For use with single rope belays only