Changes Coming in the New Year


In November of 2015, I began my tenure as our current Director of Operations. Since then, I’ve seen the community and gym grow by leaps and bounds. It’s a fundamental part of my being to improve, guide, and help to an almost obsessive degree.

These past two years our improvements to the gym have been almost non-stop.

  • Construction of a new Yoga/Multipurpose room, Moonboard, Campus Wall, and Systems Wall
  • Construction of a new Bouldering wall, new climbing holds, and Monochromatic/Tapeless setting
  • More/New fitness equipment and free weights
  • New Personal Trainer, Nick Swint, offering one-on-one and small group classes
  • A wider selection of gear in the Pro-Shop, with helpful staff to rely on
  • More weekly classes and free monthly clinics for members
  • More member-exclusive events, like The Edge Social, both in and out of the gym

Some of our improvements go unnoticed though as they’re either more business-facing or staff oriented. One of the most impactful improvements, is fighting against our own balance sheet to pay our employees what they deserve. With our staff being community leaders who are heavily relied upon, they should be paid accordingly for all their hard work and dedication in order to operate effectively at the highest level.

We want to continue to see the snowballing success of our gym, but we can’t do that alone. Not without your help.

Effective January 1st, 2018, The Edge will be introducing new prices for our services. These new prices reflect the healthy growth that we’ve experienced and will help support other continued improvements throughout our community.

We understand that as members, you will be affected the most by these changes. We are offering the first 250 members whose contracts are currently expired or will be expiring before May 28th, 2018 to keep their current pricing by signing a new contract. However, after all contracts expire they will be moved to the new membership pricing.

Other new improvements that we will be implementing:

Day Passes

  • Day passes come with harness rental included
  • Day passes that are purchased with rentals come with Chalk and Shoes
  • 7 day punch pass cards are discontinued
  • 5 and 10 day digital punch passes may be purchased, never expire, and will be tied to your account instead of given physical “punch card”


  • Can be purchased with day pass as a bundle or separately, a la carte.
  • Grigris may now be rented, but we retain an Item of Value (wallet, keys, etc.) for the duration of the rental


  • Day passes can be rolled into a membership if a membership is bought on the same day
  • 1 month membership has optional rentals that may be included for extra price
  • All members can bring unlimited new guests (guest must not have account in system), full rentals (minus belay device) included
  • All members can bring 1 regular guest per calendar month, full rentals (minus belay device) included

Groups, Parties, etc.

  • Birthdays also include 1 month membership plus full rentals for birthday kid as a birthday gift from The Edge!


  • Classes will be revamped in 2018- stay tuned for details!

We have many other new changes and benefits that will be come in the new year, but I wanted you to see what will directly affect you, from me first.

I understand that even with these new benefits and improvements, news of price changes are hard to receive. That’s why I’m keeping my door open to you so we can continue the conversation on your terms. Feel free to reach out to me personally at The Edge, or email me directly at

Thank you for your support over the past two years; I look forward to your continued support in the new year ahead of us.

Nathaniel Zwerling
Director of Operations
The Edge Rock Gym
(904) 683-2512

Day Passes 
Day Pass$19.00
Day Pass (rentals incl.)$26.50
Discount Pass$14.50
5-Day Punch Pass$85.50
10-Day Punch Pass161.50
1 Month$76.00
1 Month (rentals incl.)$94.00
3 Month$213.00
6 Month$396.00
Contract EFT*
Annual (Paid in Full)$708.00$59.00
Annual (Paid in Full, Student/Military$648.00$54.00
Youth Team Annual (Paid in Full)$1,188.00$99.00
Youth Team Annual (If Parent is a Member)$1,008.00$84.00
Fitness ONLY (Paid in Full)$370.00$32.00
*Must sign 1 year contract
**1st family member pays full price, 50% off for all members after. EFT contract and Annual PIF ONLY
Belay Device$3.00
*Must exchange ID or Phone to rent Grigri
Groups Pricing 
Groups$16.50 15-35 ppl.
$10.00 35-50 ppl
Party Room Rental$45.00 per hour
Rock & Ropes$39.00$25.00
Movement & Tech$39.00$25.00