Boulder League Fall 2018

Adult Boulder League is back in action!

August 31st will mark the return of Boulder League- our annual lead in to The Bold City Boulderfest!

Boulder League is a fun, team oriented challenge for adult members of The Edge to go head to head against each other for the chance at free entry into Boulderfest! Check out the details below!

  • Cost: $20/person, must be a member of The Edge Rock Gym
    • includes:
      • Boulder League exclusive shirt!
      • entry into the league!
      • helps cover the cost of the wrap party!
  • Teams are of 3-5 people, with a required minimum of 1 female and 1 male on each team (co-ed!), Ages 18+ ONLY! Climb together with your team throughout the week- or separately if you can’t make it. 
  • Schedule: Boulder League will run from August 31st until October 19th – 7 weeks, with the final set starting on the 12th, and wrap up party and winner announcement on the 19th! We will be announcing Best Male and Female climbers, as well as Top Three Teams!
    • The Wrap up party will have Pizza, Drinks and a sweet Raffle for all competitors!
    • Winners will receive awesome prizes, including Free entry into our annual Bold City Boulderfest on Nov 3rd! (Top prize goes to Overall Best Female, Best Male, and Best overall team!)
  • Each week we will reset a section of our boulders (Yaniro/New Wall, Front Wall, Side and Cave, and Back Wall), as we’ve done in the past with a minimum of 10 problems (but usually more!). 
  • Boulder League is for everyone- so everyone has an equal chance of winning!
    • Using the V-Max grading system outlined below, we will score based on ability to help achieve a level playing field, no matter how hard you climb! Climb together with your team, or separately if you can’t make it- but you need two signatures for each climb! Scorecards must be in before Thursday at 9pm.
  • Team standings will be posted weekly each Friday evening!
  • To join, participants must register at the front desk, and all teams are required to have names!


Scoring & Ranking

Boulder Problem Points – Using the V-Max Handicap System

Setting your V-Max: Think of the highest grade you have been able to complete recently with some regularity. That will be your “V-Max”. Your points are then derived from that baseline.



Climbed: V0Climbed: V1Climbed: V2Climbed: V3Climbed: V4Climbed: V5Climbed: V6Climbed: V7Climbed: V8Climbed: V9
V180 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V260 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V340 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V420 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V50 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V60 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V70 pts0 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts140 pts
V80 pts0 pts0 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts120 pts
V90 pts0 pts0 pts0 pts0 pts20 pts40 pts60 pts80 pts100 pts


Example: a V5 climber who climbs a V5 receives 100 points, if they climb a V4 then they receive 80 points and a V6 would be at 120 points. With the Handicap System, any climber who climbs a boulder that is the same grade as their V-Max will receive 100 points. This allows climbers of all abilities to earn points in equal measure for their team. Our table only goes to two grades above your current V-Max in order to discourage cheating (sandbagging). If you feel you have gotten stronger, you can update your V-Max by contacting Nate, or one of the managers in the gym.

Personal Score Ranking = The top 5 boulders completed by each individual climber, divided by the number of weeks.

Weekly Team Score = The top 3 hardest boulders completed by each team member, divided by the number of team members in attendance for that week.

Team Ranking: will be calculated as the rolling sum of team’s weekly scores.

Scorecard info:
Fresh Weekly team-scorecards must be picked up at the front desk each Friday. Once you’ve picked up your score card, we are not responsible for lost/stolen cards! Scorecards must be submitted back to the front desk by Thursdays at 9PM. No exceptions.

Other tips: Each boulder problem can only be counted once per team member, per season (repeats aren’t worth points,  but if you can get a problem from a previous week you weren’t able to do before, that totally counts!).

Winning teams placing 1st through 3rd will be receive epic trophies -Make sure to attend the Wrap Party to see what’s up!