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Have a youth group or scout troop looking for a fun weekend event?

We are now offering Saturday Night “Lock-Ins” to churches and other youth activity groups in order to give an option of wholesome Weekend Fun to the kids in the area. Climbing is a fun weekend activity for kids of all ages!

What's Included:

  • Includes All Gear Necessary to Climb
  • One or two on duty staff members depending on the size of the group
  • Climbing routes of all difficulty and skill levels
  • Parents or chaperones can have fun too!!!
  • A Fun Environment
  • Use of restrooms / facilities

What you need to provide:

  • Parent / Guardian Signed Waivers for all minors and a Photocopy of Parent / Guardian's Drivers License if not accompanying their child.
  • Each youth should bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, etc.
  • Food is not included
  • You will need approximately one Adult (18+ yrs of age) Chaperone per 7 children

Some Benefits of Climbing:

  • Truly a Great Family Activity, with something for all ages and physical fitness levels
  • Encourages Goal Setting
  • Fun & Physical Activity
  • Improves Mental Focus & Concentration
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Creates a sense of Achievement
  • Strengthens Problem-Solving Skills
  • Encourages Camaraderie

15-40 People (15 Minimum)................................... $32 / person

For more information or to check availability, Call us at:(904) 683-2512 or
e-mail at: